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A trusted restaurant supplier, serving kansas city.

At Hertzog Meat Co., we’re proud to be a trusted restaurant meat supplier for businesses throughout the Kansas City area.

We offer wholesale, dry-aged meats raised from grass-fed and grain-finished livestock right here in Missouri. As a result, our beef and pork cuts are both high in quality and as locally sourced as you’ll find.

Hertzog Meat Co.

Trusted Supplier

A trusted supplier throughout the area

With our own livestock and a state-of-the-art processing facility on hand, Hertzog Meat Co. has the unique capability of providing premium quality beef and pork cuts in large quantities to restaurants.

Our emphasis on quality ensures that you’re getting quality, hand-cut meats free of added hormones and antibiotics. Meanwhile, our focus on sustainability ensures as small of a carbon footprint as you’ll find in our industry.

Check out our wide selection of locally grown and processed products! When you make your choice, you can order your cuts right on our website.

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Local service. Superior quality.

WIth Hertzog Meat Co., you’re getting meat fresh from local producers, raising local cattle, and selling a local premium product.

We take pride in doing things the right way and believe that everyone should know where their food is coming from. In an industry that’s gone corporate and cuts corners wherever possible, Hertzog Meat Co. is forging a different path.

Our Values

Dedicated service throughout the area

Hertzog Meat Co. takes immense pride in being a local business that produces everything within close proximity to our headquarters.

¬†We care about serving the people that make up this area, and that’s why we emphasize selling quality meats at an affordable price. From the bright lights of Kansas City to the rural towns of Northwest Missouri, we’re proud to serve the communities that have shaped us.

We put immense care into our work, from the way we age our meats to the way run our facilities. Ultimately, everything is done with the goal of giving restaurants and customers premium-grade meat that’s both responsibly made and unbeatable in quality.

The Hertzog Difference

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Get in touch with us through our website and we’d be happy to talk with you.

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